Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams: God’s unexpected path to joy (Colorado Springs: WaterBrook Press, 2001)

Dr. Larry Crabb, renowned Christian author, speaker, teacher and psychologist, has written one of the most profound books ever. Drawing from his own story of shattered dreams, and unpacking Naomi’s story from the Biblical book of Ruth, Crabb brings to light God’s sovereignty in the midst of pain.

Although this text was referred to me almost 10 years ago, I have finally taken the time to dive in. It has become my number one recommendation for friends and clients who are struggling to understand why God allows suffering in our lives.

For many years, I did the right thing, believing that following the rules would result in blessings. But this was not to be. I have come to see clearly that life is about being IN the struggle. Remaining IN the tension. For that is where He lives. Waiting to bless us as we discover our incomparable need for Him. This is where joy resides. Crabb brings this to life as few others are able.

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