Work With Me

Erin Robison

Are you feeling stuck and wanting to move? Somewhere? Anywhere? Hopefully forward? I can help you with that.

There are a variety of ways in which I work with people. Be sure to follow the links to get more information on each area.


Although, more and more people are becoming familiar with Coaching, it continues to remain an enigma to many.

Coaching, unlike Counseling, is not therapeutic. Coaching begins in the present, usually with someone who has already achieved great levels of success, and moves forward into greater clarity and even greater success. Coaching goals involve dreaming big for the future and making those dreams a reality.

Think of Michael Jordan. He is arguably one of the most talented basketball players in the history of the game, if not the best. But he needed someone to walk with him, to train and coach him, to hone his talent, to help him focus his energy on becoming even better. Without great coaches along the way, it is likely Jordan would not have experienced the success, fame and performance that he did in his stellar career.


Counseling involves a therapeutic relationship with a trained and licensed professional, that looks back to see what events and circumstances created deep wounds in a person’s life. Then the Counselor walks with the client to resolve the hurts, find healing and move to a place of strength and solidness. Counseling goals involve being whole in the present by resolving the past.

Remember Good Will Hunting? Robin Williams walked with Will, used his intuition, training and insight to help Will come to the place of understanding himself. He loved him, offered compassion and confrontation, developed a trusting relationship so that Will would have the freedom to feel the pain he had avoided for so long. In this process, Will found healing and courage.


Being a parent is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. Period. There are so many parents who are doing lots of great things and love their children well. These are who we call good enough parents. Because no one is perfect. And so all parents need help sometimes. Continuing to love their children well. Separating out power struggles from developmental stages from personalities from attachment from… the list goes on to infinity.

Researchers, psychologist and experts in the field are learning more everyday about children and families, which means there is more for parents to learn and do. Learning how to be an even better parent, based on what your child needs is necessary and good.